Ms. UCLA Pow Wow

Founded in 1985, UCLA Pow Wow is the second largest student-organized event on campus. A pow wow is a gathering of people from across different tribal backgrounds to express themselves in traditional and contemporary dance, songs and social activities. UCLA Pow Wow is an especially important social celebration that invites the campus community to join the larger American Indian community of Los Angeles and beyond. This event is crucial to American Indian Student Association’s (AISA) mission to inform UCLA students about the Native community on campus and to correct negative stereotypes about American Indian people in society.

A part of the Pow Wow is a pageant that crowns Ms. UCLA Pow Wow. After being crowned, Ms UCLA Pow Wow must travel to a minimum of 6 pow wows across the state to represent UCLA in order to:

  • Encourage young American Indians to pursue higher education.
  • Promote awareness of the American Indian community at UCLA and beyond.
  • Promote continuing education for American Indian women.

She’s our “ambassador” that authentically walks her cultural heritage and pursuit of higher education as parallel journeys, in hopes to inspire other American Indians to do the same–all the while representing UCLA!